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  1. Ms. Oanh ( Emily ) Tran
  2. In memory of Gary
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Medical Emergency Page for Vincent

Crawling with fleas, poor Vincent was so itchy he couldn't stop scratching himself. With a large open wound on his neck and another on the top of his head, Vincent needed urgent medical care. 

Immediately after his intake exam in the shelter, Vincent was brought to the vet for a medical assessment. His veterinary team thinks his wounds could be self-inflicted due to the flea infestation. His wounds were carefully cleaned and bandaged, and he also underwent a neuter surgery. Now, Vincent requires daily bandage changes and rest until his wounds have healed. 

This sweet boy is a nervous fella and finds comfort by burrowing under his bedding and hiding. However, his sweet and sensitive side shines through when you pick him up—he purrs and rolls into your arms for pets. Will you share your love with Vincent and help heal his wounds?   

Personal updates for Vincent will be provided to anyone who donates to his campaign.

*Goal includes: Wound care, medications, neuter surgery and daily care for Vincent until he is ready for adoption. If funds raised go above and beyond the needs of Vincent, your kind gift will help the next animal who needs urgent medical care.