$1250 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Gary
  2. Heather Corcoran
  3. Sergey Volkov
  4. Des Peters
  5. Pequis, Maui and Mia IMO Dexie
  6. Louise
  7. Shannon Sangster
  8. Janet Fast
  9. Donna B
  10. Rochelle B
  11. Rina Parmar
  12. David A Fischer
  13. Rowan Bell and Fred Harold
  14. Patrick O'Malley
  15. Ms. Jill Lander
  16. Chih yang
  17. Stephanie Miller
  18. Cherlandra Estrada
  19. Alyssa

Medical Emergency Fund for Harold

Covered in fleas and dirt, Harold wandered onto the property of his kind rescuers, searching for help. Thankfully, they scooped him up and brought him to the local BC SPCA for care. 

During his intake exam, staff noticed broken canine teeth, so Harold was taken to the vet. His dedicated medical team prescribed pain medication and scheduled a surgery to remove the broken teeth and to neuter him. After his surgery, Harold was put on antibiotics, pain management, and a strict soft food diet. His mouth has been carefully flushed daily to aid in his healing. 

Despite his past as a stray, Harold is an incredibly loving cuddlebug. He's always up for company (and snacks) and has been a perfect gentleman since he arrived. Could you share your love with Harold today to help him on his healing journey?

Personal updates for Harold will be provided to anyone who donates to his campaign.

*Goal includes: Oral surgery, medications, neuter surgery and daily care for Harold until he is ready for adoption. If funds raised go above and beyond the needs of Harold, your kind gift will help the next animal who needs urgent medical care.