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Fundraiser Donors

  1. Mrs. Lucille 'Bill And Lucille' Kynar
  2. Katrina Suvajac
  3. Pequis, Maui & Mia IMO Dexie
  4. Trasi & Oz
  5. Ms. Janice Rohatensky
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  21. Janice E Bailey
  22. Alyssa
  23. Kim Frances

Medical Emergency Fund for Mink

Poor Mink was in so much pain when he came to us that he was drooling continuously. He was also suffering from severe matting along his spine because he was unable to groom himself. 

With his clear oral issues and a history of a previously untreated spinal injury, Mink was taken to the vet for a thorough examination. Thankfully, x-rays showed no immediate for his spine, although he may have a higher likelihood of developing arthritis in the future. This 4-year-old feline is on a special diet to help him lose some much-needed weight, which should improve his ability to groom himself. Mink needed an oral surgery to help ease the pain in his mouth, and he was placed on antibiotics and medication to help reduce his anxiety while he heals.  

Despite his pain, Mink is a true sweetheart. He loves his food so much that he rubs his nose in it, covering his entire face in his meal. Will you help Mink on his road to recovery?

Personal updates for Mink will be provided to anyone who donates to his campaign.

*Goal includes: X-rays, medications, oral surgery, and daily care for Mink until he is ready for adoption. If funds raised go above and beyond the needs of Mink, your kind gift will help the next animal who needs urgent medical care.