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Medical Emergency Fund for Starza & Sinatra

These feline friends found their way to us after their guardian sadly lost their housing. We're now focused on ensuring they receive the medical care they need.

Starza, the smaller of the pair, arrived with a swollen tongue, making it difficult for her to eat. She was put on pain management to help comfort her. While she was in for her spay surgery, her medical team discovered a painful ulcer on her on her tongue. Starza's pain management regime continues with the addition of antibiotics to address the ulcer. Sinatra urgently needs an oral surgery for a thorough cleaning and to remove multiple teeth. He also suffers from ear mites and hair loss due to fleas, requiring medication and treatments. Sinatra needed to undergo bloodwork prior to his surgery to ensure he's in good health.

Despite starting out shy, Starza has slowly begun to blossom. She enjoys playing with Sinatra's tail and nuzzling him for grooming sessions. Sinatra, on the other hand, is a real charmer, always eager for cuddles and snacks from his people. Will you help these loving cats get the medical care they need to live pain-free?

Personal updates for Starza and Sinatra will be provided to anyone who donates to their care.

*Goal includes: Oral surgery, bloodwork, testing, medications, spay surgery and daily care for Starza and Sinatra until they are ready for adoption. If their medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in their name, additional funds will provide care for other animals.