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Medical Emergency Fund Page for raccoon

For two weeks, sightings of this Vancouver Island raccoon caused concern for a caring member of the public who noticed she was not behaving like a healthy wild raccoon. After monitoring the situation for two weeks with no change, they made the smart decision to call Wild ARC. Based on the concerning nature of her behaviour, the decision was made to humanely trap and transport the raccoon for closer examination.

Upon arrival, our experienced rehabilitators took the patient straight into a dedicated raccoon exam room. After mildly sedating the raccoon to minimize stress and maintain safety between the rehabbers and the patient, the team was ready to search for the underlying cause of her unusual behaviour. The raccoon seemed to have issues seeing out of her left eye, so she was brought to an ophthalmic specialist for assessment. The specialist found a corneal perforation, which can result from numerous conditions that trigger the cornea to melt! The raccoon needed surgery to remove the eye so she could live a pain-free life.

After surgery, the raccoon returned to Wild ARC to heal and she has come a long way since that day. Our rehabilitation team has enjoyed spoiling her with a great variety of food, presented to her in ways that promote her natural foraging behaviour. Ensuring she retains the skills needed for life in the wild is as constant a consideration as seeing to her physical recovery. Will you help this raccoon heal donating to their care today?