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Medical Emergency Fund Page for Allie and Brie

Senior Chihuahua’s Allie and Brie came through our doors twice the size they should be. The poor girls were clearly in great discomfort and in need of a lot of special care.

Allie and Brie will need careful help shedding half their body weight, especially Allie who struggles to breath when exercising. The vet has put them on a special diet and excercise plan to help with the weight loss. On top of being morbidly obese, these girls have severe dental disease and are in need of oral surgeries to help them live pain free.

These best buddies are enjoying their exercise schedule. They get so excited when it’s time to go out and about for walks with their human friends. Allie and Brie are such happy little dogs, we can’t wait for them to be feeling their best.

Personal updates for Allie and Brie will be provided to anyone who donates to their campaign.

*Goal includes: oral surguries, pain management, recovery and daily care for Allie and Brie until they are ready for adoption. If their medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in their name, additional funds will provide care for other animals.