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Medical Emergency Fund Page for Winnie

Thin, scared and alone…sweet Weimaraner Winnie was found as a stray. When she entered through our doors, her big soulful eyes showed her nervousness, and shelter staff were concerned about how skinny she was.

After making a visit to the vet, a plan has been put in place to help Winnie get healthy and feel better. She has started on a specialized diet plan to help her get the nutrition she needs to safely get back to a healthy weight. Winnie’s teeth are in poor shape, and she has pretty severe dental disease which is likely causing her pain to eat. She needs oral surgery, with an estimated five teeth extracted, poor girl. The vet is also treating the callouses on her legs, which are suspected to be from spending an extended period of time on hard concrete.

Winnie’s made great strides coming out of her shell already, she loves happily greeting her care team with full body wiggles. Once she recovers from her oral surgery and is free of pain, we’re sure she’ll feel even more like herself.

Personal updates for Winnie will be provided to anyone who donates to her campaign.

*Goal includes: specialized diet plan, oral surgery and aftercare, spay and daily care for Winnie until she’s ready for adoption. If her medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals.