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Medical Emergency Fund Page for Lily

Sweet Lily came into care at just the right time.

When she arrived in BC SPCA care, she surprised shelter staff with a litter of four puppies! She has been doing an amazing job, working hard to raise these tiny pups. At the same time, this super mom needs a little extra love and care right now too. A visit to the vet discovered Lily had an intestinal infection that needed to be treated with medication. Her vet team also started her on a special meal plan to get her back into tip top shape. Lily and her puppies are currently getting round-the-clock care and love in their foster home, which is providing a comfortable space for this loving mom to get some much-needed rest.

As she raises her puppies, Lily is also experiencing many things for the first time. She has been quite fearful of anything from cars to bikes, and other new sights and sounds. Her care team has recommended that Lily starts working with an AnimalKind trainer, to help her overcome some of her fears. AnimalKind trainers are BC SPCA Accredited, which means they follow science-based standards and use reward-based training methods for positive reinforcement.

Lily is quite literally a “gentle giant”, with just the sweetest demeanor. Despite her fearfulness, this doting mum is doing such a great job at raising her puppies and showing them all the love.

Will you help this super-mom get the extra care she needs?

Personal updates for Lily will be provided to anyone who donates to her care.

*Goal includes: medication, special diet, AnimalKind training, continued medical care and vaccines for Lily and her pups until they are ready for adoption. If her medical costs and cost of care are less than is raised in her name, any additional funds will provide care for other animals.