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  24. Jenn Messina

Medical Emergency Fund Page for Phoenix & Frances

Phoenix and Frances were found by a kind Samaritan, who noticed these tiny kittens in need of help. They had been living as strays in a pig barn and were found underweight, lethargic and covered in feces. Poor things had diarrhea and distended bellies, with a glassy look in their eyes. Such severe health issues were quite worrying at their young age, and the kittens were rushed in for care.

Upon arrival at the vet, Phoenix and Frances underwent fecal tests and blood tests to find the source of their problem. Both kittens were given courses of antibiotics to try to relieve their symptoms, but after each course, their symptoms returned. Finally after extensive testing, results came back positive for a specific bacterial infection of the intestines - this was likely the cause of their chronic stomach issues. Now that the vet team knows what the underlying cause is, they've started Phoenix and Frances on a treatment plan with the right medication as well as vitamin B12 injections to help them feel better.

Despite their rough start to life, Phoenix and Frances have been so gentle with everyone around them. Now that treatment is starting to help them feel better, their sweet personalities are beginning to shine through and their foster family has noticed that they are becoming more energetic and playful. They still need to finish their treatments before they can find their forever home, but we just know these two will make wonderful new family members.

Personal updates for Phoenix and Frances will be provided to anyone who donates to their campaign.

*Goal includes: fecal and blood tests, antibiotic treatment, regular health check, and complex daily care for Phoenix and Frances until they're ready for adoption. If their medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in their names, any additional funds will provide care for other animals