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Medical Emergency Fund Page for American Goldfinch at Wild ARC

This sweet, little American Goldfinch was at risk of becoming blind and dying of starvation before a Good Samaritan found them! This beautiful bird is suffering from conjunctivitis but was thankfully bought in at just the right time.

Conjunctivitis is a bacterial infection that is commonly found in songbirds at this time of year. It's treatable but highly contagious and easily spread at bird feeders where birds gather in large groups to feed. This is one of the ways an infected bird can spread the disease to many in a short amount of time.

Birds with conjunctivitis typically have swollen eyes and can seem lethargic. Because their eyesight is impacted, they tend to stay in one place (like at a feeder) so they won’t have to look for food. If the disease progresses too far, birds can become completely blind and die from starvation.

While conjunctivitis is treatable, to fully cure it takes weeks. This little Goldfinch serves as a great reminder to make sure bird feeders are well-maintained to keep our wildlife safe. Since arriving, she's been progressing well with a specialized treatment plan including daily medications, and we’re optimistic about her full recovery and eventual release back to her wild home.

Can you help this sweet songbird by donating towards her care today?

We will update you about how your donation has helped care for this patient. If the cost of care is less than is raised for this songbird, additional funds will provide care for other wild animals in need.