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Medical Emergency Fund Page for Barred Owl at Wild ARC

This beautiful Barred Owl was found in the middle of the road, surrounded by curious crows. Thankfully, a kind member of the public noticed the owl and brought them to the BC SPCA’s Victoria Branch before they were transferred to Wild ARC for further treatment.

Litter on the side of the road attracts rodents and other small animals looking for food. This also attracts predators looking for the same. With daylight hours changing, many raptors are now hunting during busier traffic times, resulting in a higher number of animals being admitted to Wild ARC due to vehicle collisions.

An initial exam sadly revealed the owl had a fractured wing, but other than being in shock, the owl wasn’t in critical condition. Wild ARC rehabilitators consulted with a local vet to determine if the owl was a good candidate for surgery to repair the wing and - good news - they were! After a few days of specialized care to ensure the owl was in a good state for the procedure, the vet was able to pin the wing to retain full functionality.

The Barred Owl is now recovering at Wild ARC and has a long stretch of cage rest, medications, and frequent check-ups to come. While their prognosis is still uncertain, staff are hopeful the wing will heal well, and that with supportive care this majestic bird will make a full recovery and be able to be returned to the wild. As with any wild animal, being in captivity is an extremely stressful experience which can be fatal. Staff are making every effort to minimize interaction and provide a safe and quiet habitat for this owl to recover in as stress-free an environment as possible.

Unfortnately, as this photo shows, even with minimal interaction the Barred Owl is stressed while in care. The puffed feathers and raised wings are a defensive posture meant to make themself look larger and more intimidating. The owl also “clicks” its beak at the rehabilitation team when they are near, in an attempt to warn them off. Despite the broken wing, this owl has been feisty since arriving at Wild ARC, and we’re hopeful this is a great indication of their fighting spirit moving forward!

Please help this beautiful Barred Owl by donating towards thier care and treatment. This wonderful bird needs your kindness today.

We will update you about how your donation has helped care for this patient. If the cost of care is less than is raised for this owl, additional funds will provide care for other wild animals in need.