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Medical Emergency Fund Page for Snow Goose at Wild ARC

During the fall, many bird species begin their yearly migration to warmer climates. It’s not unusual to encounter a large flock resting during this time; we would need a break too after flying thousands of miles! But encountering one bird all alone during migration season is unusual. This is what happened when this young Snow Goose was found on a lawn, all alone and unable to fly.

With the help of Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre, the Snow Goose was safely caught and transferred to Wild ARC for care. The migration had been a rough one for this majestic goose; our Wild ARC rehab staff have found that this juvenile bird is very thin and their muscle tone is low. Luckily, the goose’s bloodwork is normal, and they have no other injuries. Our rehab team is hard at work putting together a specialized diet plan to help the goose gain weight quickly so they can get back on the migration path. During their first night in care, staff saw the goose gain almost 100 grams after devouring their meal!

We’re hopeful that this beautiful goose will feel much better after some well-deserved rest. With their appetite as good as it is, it looks like they'll be rejoining their flock and continuing their journey in no time!

This incredible bird is in need of your care, please show your love by making a donation. We will update you about how your donation has helped care for this patient. If the cost of care is less than is raised for this Snow Goose, additional funds will provide care for other wild animals in need.