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  1. Brenda Focht
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  6. K9 HAPPY LIFE BC - Maori
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  20. Darrell R Bailie
  21. Ms. Lea Fullerton
  22. Bev Kendall

Medical Emergency Fund Page for Clark in Williams Lake

Who could resist the adorable eyes of three month old little Clark?! This poor Frenchie/Boston cross has a lateral fracture through joint of his left front leg. This is a difficult break due to the joint being involved, so he needs to see a specialist.

This sweet little puppy is a true love, he wants to smother you with kisses and cuddle on the couch.

Due to the cost of the surgery, the previous owner was considering euthanasia to end Clark's pain. Thankfully, the vet on duty recommended surrendering to the BC SPCA instead, where he could receive the help he needs. That suggestion saved this puppy's life and we couldn't be more grateful!

Now Clark is relying on the kindness of strangers once again, to know that he deserves a chance at a happy life with the surgery/treatment he needs to repair his leg. Please donate to his care today.

Personal updates for Clark will be provided to anyone who donates to his campaign.

*Goal includes: surgery, medication, treatment, regular health check, and daily care for Clark until he’s ready for adoption. If his medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in his name, additional funds will provide care for other animals.