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Medical Emergency Fund for Gertie

Gertie has a broken pelvis with 3 breaks and road rash on her side. Right now, she has undergone several exams and xrays. Currently, cage rest is what is being recommended, but it's going to be a long road to a full recovery. She is on on-going pain management. She will likely require physio and under-water therapy to help with the healing.

The sweet girl is extremely friendly. She loves all other animals! She warms up to her person quickly and wants nothing more than to snuggle, all day. As she is young, she is spunky and wants to play. For a small dog, she is full of personality.

Gertie was taken to a local vet clinic by her previous owner after being hit by a car. When the owner found out she had a broken pelvis, he was advised that she could no longer be bred. He left her at the clinic.

Let Gertie know she is more than a puppy machine, that she deserves love and life just for being her. Donate towards her care now.

Personal updates for Gertie will be provided to anyone who donates to her campaign.

*Goal includes: surgery, medication, treatment, regular health check, and daily care for Gertie until she’s ready for adoption. If her medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals.