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Medical Emergency Fund Page for Baby Mink at Wild ARC


Our friends at MARS also had a lonely mink, so it was decided their mink would be transferred to Wild ARC as we had a better facility to raise and care for the two together. This was a way of making sure that they would have companionship and not be raised alone. They have quickly bonded.

A member of the public heard an animal crying out and upon investigation, found a baby mink by herself with her eyes still closed. With no mother around, and the baby vocalizing continuously, she was likely orphaned and had to be brought to Wild ARC. Our rehabilitation team stabilized the baby mink and tried to locate the den she came from – a wild animal’s best chance of survival is always with their mother. Unfortunately, the original den was not found and another den with similar-aged babies wasn’t located either. Without these essential factors to try and reintroduce or foster the baby mink with another family, it meant a long-term rehabilitation plan had to be made to raise her at Wild ARC.

Things were touch and go for this little one, we weren't sure she was going to make it. Initially fussy with her feedings, thankfully this little girl quickly took to her new specialized diet and formula within a few days. Her eyes have now opened and she’s becoming more and more adventurous. This mink is being moved through different enclosures quickly to keep up with her growth and to allow her to practice natural behaviours like foraging and climbing before being released. She still has some growing to do but we’re hopeful she will be ready for a second chance at life in the wild in a little over a month. The enclosures, specialized diets, and resources required to raise this American Mink safely with proper biosecurity measures means that the cost to rehabilitate her has been and will continue to be significant. This innocent orphan needs your help, please donate today.

We will update you about how your donation has helped care for this patient. If the cost of care is less than is raised for this mink, additional funds will provide care for other wild animals

Wild ARC raises hundreds of orphaned wild animals each year. Some species are common and we expect to admit them regularly, while others are rare. The American Mink is one of these uncommon animals that we admit into care at Wild ARC.