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Medical Emergency Fund Page for the 4 Kittens

Four little kittens were brought into the BC SPCA when a good Samaritan heard them mewing under an old mobile home. As the weather was due to turn cold, she felt it was best to bring the kittens into a warm home to keep them safe. She suspects that mom is a feral cat living nearby and a trap was set to try and catch her but she never came back.

All four babies were in very poor condition when they arrived. They had goopy eyes and were very underweight for their age. They were too weak to hold their heads up and eat, so they had to be syringe fed until they regained their strength.

The kittens were treated for upper respiratory disease as well as medication for head colds, which tasted terrible and they definitley did not enjoy it! They all had diarrhea so they needed additional medicine to ensure all the different types of intestinal parasites would be removed.

These little cuties are very social and friendly despite all their medical issues. They are so deserving of knowing life in a happy warm loving home when they are healthy in about six weeks' time!

Will you help these four siblings by donating to their care?

Personal updates for the kittens will be provided to anyone who donates to his campaign.

*Goal includes: medication, treatment, regular health check, and daily care for the kittens until they are ready for adoption. If his medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in their names, additional funds will provide care for other animals.