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Medical Emergency Fund Page for the Northern Pygmy-Owl

One of the smallest species of owl is the Northern Pygmy-Owl. When fully grown, this pint-sized predator measures in at a length of fewer than 20 centimeters. Unlike other owls, the Northern Pygmy-Owl hunts during the day, chasing down small songbirds at high speeds. This behavior is what led to one such owl being admitted at Wild ARC.

After colliding with a window, a Good Samaritan safely contained and brought this beautiful little owl to Wild ARC. This quick response made it possible for our rehabilitation team to care for the owl immediately - providing the best chance for recovery and a successful release back into the wild. The force of the window collision resulted in a broken collarbone but luckily there were no other significant injuries. After wrapping the wing to keep it steady and properly aligned while it healed, this Northern Pygmy-Owl was placed on strict cage rest with a specialized diet to keep the bird’s strength up during recovery.

The fracture has healed well and the owl was recently moved to an outside enclosure to practice flying and improve stamina. While the first few flights were a bit awkward after not having flown much in a while, this beautiful owl is now flying well and has a great appetite. While the prognosis looks good, this Northern Pygmy-Owl is not out of the woods yet. The owl still requires close monitoring and needs to continue to show signs of improvement before being ready for release.

If you would like to help us care for this Northern Pygmy-Owl, please donate today! We will update you about how your donation has helped care for this owl. If the cost of care is less than is raised for this owl, additional funds will provide care for other wild animals in need.