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Medical Emergency Fund Page for the Peregrine Falcon

Recently, a Peregrine Falcon came into Wild ARC after flying into a window. A concerned member of the public found this falcon in distress on her balcony and gave Wild ARC a call for assistance. Wild ARC works closely with Jeff from Alternative Wildlife Solutions for potentially dangerous raptor rescues and quickly coordinated efforts to get the falcon into care.

On arrival, this beautiful bird was given a full examination to determine the extent of injuries. The falcon was missing feathers on the right side of his head, had blood around the larynx, swollen eyelids, a wrist wound and head trauma – this poor bird had clearly been through a lot! Wildlife rehabilitators worked quickly to clean and bandage the wrist wound and provide medications to relieve pain and reduce inflammation to ensure the bird was as comfortable as possible and begin the healing process.

Due to head trauma the bird was unable to balance, let alone fly, and was placed on strict cage rest to minimize movement and allow time for recovery and healing. The falcon will be closely monitored and will continue to receive medication for pain and inflammation as well as a specialized diet to help regain his strength.

This falcon has a long road to recovery ahead of him and his prognosis is still uncertain. We are hopeful the next flight test will show signs of improvement and we will be able to release this beautiful bird back into the wild.

If you would like to help care for this falcon, please donate today! 

Update on the Falcon: We’re happy to report that this beautiful Peregrine falcon has made a full recovery and was recently released back into the wild. After several weeks of cage rest, flight exercising and testing, and continued monitoring and assessments by our rehabilitation staff, the falcon was deemed ready for release. The release took place on a sunny day, and was a rewarding moment for our staff who watched him fly to freedom. We are still looking to recuperate costs to fully care for this falcon. Donate now to receive an exclusive peek at the release video!

If the cost of care is less than is raised for this falcon, additional funds will provide care for other wild animals in need.

Window alerts are a great way to help prevent birds from colliding into windows and can be purchased online at: