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Fundraiser Donors

  1. Ken Miller
  2. George Bassem
  3. ankyly
  4. Linda Scott
  5. The Sundher's
  6. Robin Hood
  7. Mr. Scott McLean
  8. Paul Zack
  9. Bernadine Reyes
  10. Ashley Sundher
  11. Mrs. Yvonne M. Gramiak
  12. Josie
  13. Mrs Rayne Jacobsen
  14. Cheryl Halliday
  15. Ms. Shirley Rae
  16. Anonymous
  17. rob
  18. Marija Serka
  19. Virginia Anastassova

Medical Emergency Fund Page for Nessie

Nessie is a senior sweetie who needs surgery to remove several masses that have been discovered in her body. The masses will need to be biopsied to rule out anything cancerous, and she will need to be spayed to prevent future masses from forming.

Nessie also needs a thorough dental cleaning as her teeth are not in the best shape. She will feel so much better once she can eat without discomfort!

Nessie is a very kind, gentle, and loving dog who has the cutest personality quirks. She is quiet until she is comfortable with someone, and then she likes to tell them all about her day! If she wants you to pet her she will nudge you with her nose to let you know.

She is a picky old gal who will only drink out of certain dishes – must be ceramic; if that is not available her next choice is a puddle. She eats like a horse and is happiest when it’s meal time! She loves hanging around people and every day crawls into a dog bed for an afternoon nap. At 12-years-old, she still has so much spark in her and will make such a loving companion.

Nessie needs a couple weeks to recover before she can find her loving retirement home. Will you help Nessie by donating to her care?

Personal updates for Nessie will be provided to anyone who donates to her campaign.

*Goal includes: surgery, medication, treatment, regular health check, and daily care for Nessie until she's ready for adoption. If her medical costs and cost of care is less than is raised in her name, additional funds will provide care for other animals.